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Frequently Asked Questions

q: What areas and birth places do you serve?

A: I serve all of Denton County. I serve parts of the following counties: Cooke, Wise, Collin, Tarrant and Dallas. I love documenting birth at any Hospital, Birth Center (stand-alone or connected to a hospital) or Home Birth location within the areas listed. 0-40 miles from Denton there is no fee for travel. However, 40-80 miles from Denton an additional $100 fee is incurred. Feel free to contact me if you are curious about your specific location, Hospital, or Birth Center.

q: When should I book a photographer?

A: I get inquiries anywhere from very early pregnancy, all the way until almost due. However, I only accept up to 4 births per month (doula or photography), so to ensure you have a spot saved, I recommend contacting me at around 3-4 months along. Can't hurt to ask, even if your due date is around the corner!

q: When should I book a Doula?

A: I get inquiries anywhere from very early pregnancy, all the way until almost due. However, I only accept up to 4 births per month (doula or photography), so to ensure you have a spot saved, I recommend contacting me at around 3-4 months along.

q: What does it mean to be On-Call?

A: This applies to my Doula Services AND my Photography Services: I become officially on call when mama reaches 38 weeks. I remain on-call until baby is born. This means I will make choices to ensure that if I get your call or text, that I can be ready to arrive at your birth within an hour or two. For example, I don't leave town. If we have plans, I take a separate car from my husband, I always have charged batteries, change of clothes, snacks, water and ALL my equipment in my "go bag", I set expecting families in my phone to "emergency bypass" so my phone rings no matter what, I have childcare lined up so that upon short notice, I can head your way! The On-Call life isn't for everyone, but it's easier when it's your calling.

q: What if you can't make it to my birth?

A: If I think that there is a chance I'll miss a birth such as I'm ill, have a family emergency, accident, or somehow two birthing moms go into labor at the same time, I ALWAYS have more than one back-up certified doula/ birth photographer/videographer at the ready. I have only ever had to use a back-up one time, and I intentionally build relationships with professional back-ups that have similar style and quality of skills, so that my clients are taken care of.

q: What packages do you offer?

A: I offer 4 Main Packages. you can read the details on my Packages + Pricing page. I happily offer a range of options to fit every family. I provide birth photography, birth doula services and both combined (called DoulaTog).

I also have an option for Birth Doula Services with "just-a-few" photos! you can see the details here. The 'Just-a-Few" Add-On is great if you don't have a big desire for the entire birth story to be captured, but you'd love for the few moments that do get captured to be professional quality. Last but not least, I offer Birth Videography options too. I love making birth films and feel this is the most complete way to document your birth story, however, at this time birth videography cannot be combined with Doula Services.

q: What if I'm nervous about privacy?

A: This is understandable about inviting another person into your sacred birth space. I pride myself in knowing what that experience feels like (I've had 4 babies myself and had 3 of them photographed). I strive to be completely unobtrusive, and most mamas say they didn't even notice when I started capturing their story. I always make an effort to get to know my client's wishes too. We can sit down at a coffee shop and chat about your birth dreams! I make sure that by the big day, I know what you are most interested in capturing. Some mamas want super real and raw or sharable and modest (and everywhere inbetween) and that's all good with me. This is your birth space and I follow your wishes. I've witnessed so many births now that I can say I have never had a mama tell me afterwards that she felt self-concious of the camera.

q: How are my images delivered?

A: With my photography packages, you will get edited digital images, I always deliver the full-size images via a password protected e-gallery for privacy. From the e-gallery you can download the full size images or choose to purchase prints directly from the gallery. Finished Birth Films also get delivered via E-gallery with password protection. Physical memory items hold so much power in preserving the big day as well. I offer 3 options for memory books, click here to explore all of the optional Add-Ons. I feel there is a special connection to the memories when you can hold them in your hands. Plus, new moms are busy focusing on baby, so I'm happy to put products together for you and hopefully it becomes a family heirloom that is loved for generations. check out the Packages & Pricing page to read details on the processing time for each product.