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Connect with Mandy

My Philosophy

  •  I approach my Birthwork Practice with an open heart to whichever families God puts into my care.

  • I am a believer in Jesus and the peace and power of faith in Jesus.

  • I believe in prayer and that the woman's body was intelligently designed to grow, nurture and give birth with very little need for intervention.

  • I have a deep respect for other faiths and walks of life and have seen such beauty in the diversity of the families I serve. No matter your religion, race, gender identity, marital status or sexual orientation, you will have a respected and safe space with me. 

  • I believe there is no greater honor than to be invited into the birth space.

  • I believe the labor and birth journey are filled with moments that ought to be preserved for the sake of legacy, for the baby, the family and for generations to come to revisit. 

  • I believe every birth is unique. My job is to collaborate with the birth family to understand on an individual level how to support them to get the birth THEY want.

We Would Make a Great Match If...

  • You are seeking a physiological, Homebirth or Birth Center Birth under Midwifery Care as a plan A. (but want a Doula well versed in hospital birth in the rare case of transfer)

  • You want a Doula experienced in intentional movement in labor, hydrotherapy, waterbirth plus a variety of relaxation techniques that encourage optimal position and progress in labor.

  • You view birth as a divinely designed process that, when left undisturbed, doesn't need technology or medical intervention most of the time.

  • You are naturally inclined to seek out information and education on childbirth.

  • You see your pregnancy, birth & postpartum as a season that deserves to be deeply invested in. You are ready to do "the work". 

  • You are looking for a Doula who combines a solid understanding of the biology of birth while also leaning on faith and trust in how God designed birth. 

  • You are drawn to health and wellness practices in general, including holistic medicine, chiropractic, yoga, and physical therapy., if that sounds like you, click here to get the convo started!

My Story
 Hello there! I am Mandy, a mom to four amazing kiddos and the owner and operator of Denton Birth Services.
I am best known as "The Denton Doulatog".

In 2015 I started a family photography business. However, in Jan 2016 I was asked if I could photograph a birth, (so amazing!) and that was one of the most pivotal moments of my life! I knew in that experience that this was God's calling for my life. I found my professional purpose, and that is a beautiful thing! I knew the key to living out my divine purpose would be to focus on Birth. I have the most amazing support system in my husband, my mother, my sisters and my in-laws. They make it possible for me to drop whatever I am doing to head to a birth when I get the call! I have been blessed to attend many births, at the time of writing this (Feb2024) I am at a total of 72 births attended! 

 How I Became a Doula
In the birth space I always found myself wanting to take a more active role in birth. I had such a magnetic pull towards helping mothers through the rhythms and challenges of birth. I knew if they had individualized support before during and after birth, the birth process could be magical, empowering, and NOT something to be feared. It turned out this kind of support has a name: DOULA!
I pursued my Doula Certification through BEST in the Summer of 2022 and cultivated a strong support community of birth experts. I am passionate about my education journey and constantly research and study birth to be able to support my families with the highest quality of support. I have had the huge honor to practice as a Birth Doula at 55 births so far and my 2024 calendar is already half full, so contact me asap if you'd like to consider hiring me for your birth.


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