Hey there! We are Teagan + Casey, two Denton-based birth photographers (serving all of Denton County) who are passionate about documenting the incredible journey that is childbirth. We're story tellers, and we'll create a visual narrative of your labor, birth + postpartum period by capturing each + every detail that made your experience yours.

After years of experience as professional photographers documenting people during milestone seasons + events in their life, we each found our niche in the miraculous + intimate worth that is childbirth. We are both mamas who have experienced the burden + beauty of childbirth (between the two of us and our 4 babies, we've experienced giving birth in a hospital, a birth center & at home), and we know how incredibly important these images will be for the rest of your life. Let us provide you with stunning reminders of how hard you worked and how much pride + joy you felt on your baby's birthday!

-Your Denton Birth Photography Team, Teagan Jacobson + Casandra Hawkins

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