Delilah Lorene - Denton Birth Photography

the birth of Delilah Lorene

this birth was kinda mind-blowing for me to witness. In fact, I nearly didn't witness it at all! this mama wasn't in active labor for long -- like, there was maybe an hour or two between wondering if she was actually in labor and them racing to the birth center as she felt like pushing! I left as soon as I got the text that they were heading that way, and I was only there for 20 minutes before her sweet little Delilah came swimming out into her arms, with virtually no notice for even Maggie! I could tell things were already really intense for her as soon as I arrived, but the minute she sank into the warm water in the birth tub, Maggie was so completely calm + peaceful + quiet -- I had NO idea Delilah would be there so soon. the photos I have of her whole 8 minutes in the tub before giving birth are of her either smiling at her husband or (seemingly) super relaxed with her eyes closed. I got a text from her doula that sounded like she had just pulled-up to the birth center, and since Maggie was just chillin' in the tub + talking to her birth team, I felt that it was safe to run down the hall and open the side door to let her in. I don't remember what exactly I overheard someone say that caused me to sprint back immediately rather than waiting a minute for the doula, but the next photo I snapped quickly as I jumped back into position is of baby with her head already out!

I just had to share this from Maggie's perspective of her birth story, because it really did happen THAT fast: "In the middle of one contraction, I heard Donnellyn say, “we have full crown… we have a head… one more push, Maggie… we have baby.” I remember thinking, “what?! That’s it?!” I grabbed my baby out of her hands and started laughing. I couldn’t believe how easy it was."

She really did start laughing and talking about how easy it was -- what a way to end a fast, beautiful birth!

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