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the birth of August Jane

the birth of sweet August Jane was a really special one for me. this incredibly strong + determined mama, Taylor, is a dear friend of mine, and someone who influenced my life greatly in a short amount of time. this passionate, birth-junkie mama's stunning video of her first birth moved me to tears and planted the seed of desire in me to have a similar experience. during my first pregnancy she encouraged me to pursue the knowledge that would empower me to make the best decisions for my baby + I, and my birth plan took a sharp turn that landed me with a midwife at a birth center just 3 weeks before delivering my baby in a bathtub.

Taylor had waited so, so long for this day. I believe she was 42 weeks + 3 days pregnant the day her on-and-off contractions finally stayed on long enough to bring her surprise girl earthside. on a beautiful morning in May, I got the call that her labor had become the real-deal and baby was on its way. when I arrived, sunlight was still streaming-in through the windows, bathing everything it touched in a gorgeous glow -- the golden cherry on top of this incredible birth. her home was filled with people who love Taylor dearly + were there to support her in any way that she needed. at one point Taylor started crying tears of joy + relief -- after all her waiting + preparing, her baby was finally on its way! after an intense transition phase, baby arrived into the hands of her mama, daddy + midwife. I don't know that I've ever been in a room, in a moment, filled with SO MUCH JOY. I think tears were streaming down every face in the room as Taylor scooped-up her little one and rejoiced in new life + the relief that washes over every mama who has just conquered childbirth. as moving as the labor + birth, was the moment minutes later when they remembered to check if Ollie had a baby brother or sister -- more happy tears all around. Taylor's postpartum period was calm + slow, no one was in a rush to do anything. after lots of cuddles from all the friends + family in attendance, they burned her umbilical cord (instead of clamping + cutting), a whole 2 hours after she was born! this gave us time to take some photos of baby still attached to her placenta -- a first for me! they announced her name, August "Auggie" Jane, which they hadn't shared with anyone yet. an herbal bath + a newborn exam later, I wrapped-up their birth story with a few family/birth team photos. what a blessing to have been able to witness + document this spectacular birth story full of so much anticipation, strength + love. (Casey)

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