the birth of Alexander Adlai

this first-time mama, who is now expecting her second baby boy, is incredibly STRONG! with the support of just her husband + midwife, she delivered her super-handsome little man beautifully. this was the first birth I had documented at Inanna in Denton and I just loved how homey it was there + all the vintage details in the rooms. so much of her labor was calm + focused, you could tell it was really hard work, but that she was determined to birth her Xander the way she had planned. an attentive birth partner makes such a huge difference in the way a woman experiences birth; their touch, their encouragement -- and lets be honest, those glorious hip squeezes -- transform moments that could become overwhelming or fearful into moments where the laboring mama feels safe, strong + empowered. I'm thrilled Rachel + Tate will be meeting Xander's baby brother soon and I know she's gunna rock that birth too! 

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